Scientific Advisory Board

Overview: The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of a distinguished group of scientists, educational experts, and members of the public and private sectors. The role of the SAB is to offer an independent assessment of the Center’s progress through a thoughtful, but rigorous, annual review of our goals and achievements.

Rudy Slingerland
Term: 2007-11 
Professor of Geology,
Penn State University

Michael Ellis
Term: 2009-11 
Head of Climate Change Science,
British Geological Survey

Roberta Johnson
Term: 2008-11
Executive Director, National Earth Science Teachers Association 

Pavel Kabat
Term: 2011
Chair and Science Director, Wageningen University and Research Centre 

Franklin Nutter
Term: 2011
President, Reinsurance Association of America, UCAR Trustee 

Jacquelyn Bolman
Term: 2011
Director, Indian Natural Resources, Sciences and Engineering Program (INRSEP)

Richard Hooper
Term: 2005-10
President and Executive Director,

Matthew Larsen
Term: 2006-10
Chief Scientist for Hydrology, Water Resources Division, USGS

Frank Rijsberman
Term: 2010
Program Director,; CEO, CGIAR Consortium 

William Schulze
Term: 2006-10
Professor, Applied Economics & Management, Cornell University 

Russell Stands-Over-Bull
Term: 2007-10
Senior Geologic Advisor, Anadarko Petroleum Company

Nancy Stueber
Term: 2010
President and CEO, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Jean Moon
Term: 2006-07
Director, Board on Science Education, The National Research Council

Margaret A. Palmer
Term: 2006-07
Director and Professor, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland

David V. Taylor
Term: 2006-07
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Morehouse College

David A. Cacchione
Term: 2004-06
Senior Oceanographer, CME 

Anthony Paul Murphy
Term: 2003-06
Assistant Professor, College of St. Catherine

S. Dhamothran
Term: 2003-06
Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, URS Corporation

David Jon Furbish
Term: 2004-06
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt University 

Rick Sarg
Term: 2003-06
Stratigraphy Coordinator, ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Madonna Yawakie
Term: 2003-06
Turtle Island Communications, Inc.

Richard Sparks
Term: 2003-05
National Great Rivers Research and Education Center

Robert M. Hirsch
Term: 2003-05
Associate Director of Water U.S. Geological Survey 

Rhea Graham
Term: 2004
Manager, New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission 

David R. Sarewitz
Term: 2004
 Center for Science, Policy, and Outcomes, Columbia University

Grace S. Brush
Term: 2003-04
Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins