NCED2 Post-doctoral Program

NCED2's post-doc program is based on the highly successful NCED 'synthesis post-doc' program.  

  1. NCED2 will provide partial support (a target of 50% with flexibility to negotiate) of postdoc salary for 1-2 years. The remaining support will be provided by at least two researchers who agree to intensive co-mentoring of the postdoctoral researcher. 
  2. Postdocs will be required to participate in the NCED2 theme-year program for that year, and support will nominally be for the duration of the theme year in which s/he participates. We will consider extending support for up to one additional year to allow the postdoc to follow through (e.g. data analysis and publication), subject to availability of funds and satisfactory progress in the first year.
  3. Postdocs will be in residence at SAFL for at least 3 months to participate in theme-year activities, and we will strive to have all postdocs for a given year in residence at the same time to promote collaboration.
  4. Postdocs will be expected to participate in, and contribute to, the workshop and Summer Institute (SIESD) course for that year.

Postdoc support will be open to all. Postdocs will be selected via a brief application including a 3-page description of the research plan and how it fits the theme-year program, a 1-page statement of the commitment and roles of the co-mentors, and CV. If you are interested, please email