Certificate Program in Stream Restoration

Offered by: The National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics through the University of Minnesota


Description: A 3-semester program whose graduates will understand how to blend engineering, physical, biological, and social sciences in prioritizing, designing, implementing, and evaluating stream restoration projects.


Program Outline:

1. Foundation Course (required): CE/EEB/ESCI/GEO 5601 or 8601 Introduction to Stream Restoration

This course is taught in the fall of even years and will provide an overview of stream restoration focusing on the main issues related to coupling the fields of civil engineering, ecology, geology, and social science. It will include background classes on basic tools for stream restoration (GIS, surveying, and computer applications), guest lecturers, and case study analyses.


2. Elective Courses: Choose 3-4 courses (11 credits) from the following theme areas:

River and Floodplain Science and Engineering (must choose 1 course from this area)
River and Floodplain Ecology
Water Quality
Water Policy & Management

Selection of courses that meet elective themes  - Twin Cities campus (PDF)

Selection of courses that meet elective themes  - Duluth campus (PDF)


Academic Journal: While taking electives, students will keep an academic journal, to record how course material relates to stream restoration. At the start of the Capstone Course (see below), students will report on their journals.


3. Capstone Course (required): CE/EEB/GEO 8602 Stream Restoration Practice

This class, offered in the fall of odd years,  will provide an opportunity to practice stream restoration design and field work. Most of the class effort will be directed at working on restoration design and implementation


This certificate can be a standalone qualification or used as a part of a master's or Ph.D. program.


Application Procedure:

Forms and details about application to the program can be found here.


For more information, contact Vaughan Voller.